Pink smokey eye

Please please please don’t forget that I forgot about you!!! Oh my goodness.. Life has just been crazy! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to edit photos and put them on here! Trust me, I have like 3 or 4 tutorial pictures.. I just need to edit them all and upload them! So finally, here is my second tutorial! Yay!!!!


So I found this on Pinterest and loved it! It’s just a smokey eye with a little pink added into it. So cute! And when I did it, I just didn’t have quite the right colors, but I made it work! Don’t worry haha, okay so lets get started!


So first I took this NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and put a little on my eyelid and blended it in with my finger. I did this because it gives a good base (sort of like a primer) and the white helps the colors look brighter! Super cool!


And then I took this white eyeshadow color, which I didn’t have the name of it.. But it’s from bare minerals and it comes in a set called 7 ways to bare. But anyway, I took that color and swept it all across my eyelid.


This one is also from that set.. And also nameless, sorry guys! But I put that on the outer half of my eyelids.


Then I put Shantung, from bare, and put it onto the outer third and into my crease



Then I took Frenzy, which is a very dark purple from bare minerals and put that on the very outer part of my crease, just to add a little more depth. I also put it on my lower lash line.


After all that, I didn’t feel like it was pink enough and I didn’t have the right pink to add to it.. So what did I do? I added a blush of course! This is from bare and it’s called vivacious. I added that into the inner part of the crease and onto the eyelid slightly to give it more color.


Then I brushed that first white nameless shadow onto my brow bone and corner of eyes, then added the nyx liner in my water line.


I used soft black liner from bare and did a small line on my eyelid. Just slightly enough to give a little definition, but I didn’t want the eyeliner to be the main focus.


And the last steps were my lash domination mascara and filling in my eyebrows like usual! So here are the finished pictures! Yay!



Not too bad, right? I’m not in love with lighting in my pictures, I’ve been trying to play with it but hopefully it will get better! So I hope you like this tutorial and I hope I won’t take as long to get the next one out!!!
Thanks guys!
Until next time,


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